When Your Dog Needs An Emergency Vet

emergency vet for dogs

Dogs have medical emergencies just like us. Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish from a true emergency or if the episode can wait till the morning. While it might be smart to err on the side of caution where our pets’ health is concerned, there are times when an emergency veterinarian should be contacted.

How to Decide it’s Time to Take Your Dog to the Emergency Vet

  1. Collapse or Extreme Fatigue: Anytime your dog is extremely lethargic and unresponsive to any of your cues medical treatment should be sought immediately. This is the same if your dog suddenly collapses. This can be a sign of organ failure, poisoning or many other conditions.
  2. Major Trauma: This one is pretty obvious. However, if your dog does seem ok without any warning signs, they still need to be evaluated. For example, if they are struck by a car, take a long fall or any other blunt force, seek urgent care. There could be internal damage or bleeding.
  3. Breathing Difficulty: If your dog is breathing very slowly, making funny noises or skipping breathes, emergency care is needed. You know your dog better than anyone, if you notice any “odd” breathing don’t hesitate to call.
  4. Pain: If your dog is experiencing severe pain, it is a good idea to take them in. Some examples include, limping, unable to lay down, sensitive to touch, and constant crying. Another thing to look for is any bloating. Some of these symptoms require immediate treatment.
  5. Poisons: If your dog is exposed to any type of poisonous household items seek treatment immediately. The potential poison list is extensive, but find the top 6 here. Many poisons will cause seizures. However, it is best to contact emergency services before this occurs.

There are several situations that require a trip to an emergency vet. These 5 are the most common and important times to seek immediate care. Anytime you notice an unusual behavior it is always best to contact us to discuss the need of treatment.