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St. Francis 24 Hour Animal Hospital is a full-service veterinary hospital offering a variety of veterinarian services to keep your pet healthy and happy.

We offer 24 hour emergency services with no additional emergency fee. Your pet can be seen at any time of the day or night for the regular exam fee. Our doctors and staff are trained to handle all small animal emergencies and our doctors receive regular continuing education to keep up with new treatments and developments in veterinary medicine.

In addition to emergency veterinarian services, we offer annual exams and vaccinations, prescription pet diets, spays and neuters, pain management, professional grooming, dentistry and in house blood work, x-rays, and ultrasound all at our 24 hour animal hospital in Vancouver Washington.

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Some of the Services That We Offer:

  Annual exams and vaccinations

  Prescription pet diets

  Spays and neuters

  Pain management and control

  Professional grooming

  In-house blood work, x-rays, ultrasound


  Emergency and critical care

Our Facilities

We offer 24-hour nursing care for sick and injured pets. We have an ICU ward visible from our central treatment room so we can keep a close eye on our sickest patients. We have automatic fluid pumps to deliver the correct amount of fluid to your pet, oxygen chamber for pets with severe respiratory disease, warming beds, trained nursing staff to continue your pet’s treatment, and a veterinarian always in our 24 hour animal hospital to quickly address any changes in your pet’s condition.

Our treatment area

Radiology Reading Room

Radiology and X-Rays

We have a variety of radiology services to help us diagnose your pet. St. Francis Animal Hospital has an in-house x-ray machine with an automatic processor. This means results can be obtained within minutes to help treat your pet quickly. X-rays can be used to diagnose broken bones, intestinal blockage, and other internal problems. We also have an in-house ultrasound machine that can help us to diagnose intestinal, liver, kidney, and other soft tissue diseases. Our endoscope is another tool we can use to help us look for problems of the respiratory and intestinal tracts.

In-House Laboratory

In-House Lab

Our in-house laboratory also allows us to diagnose your pet quickly, especially important in an emergency situation. When your pet is ill, we do not have to send the blood sample out to a lab and wait 12-24 hours for the results. Within 30 minutes our laboratory can help us diagnose feline leukemia in a kitten, parvo in a puppy, kidney disease in an older pet, diabetes, liver disease, and many other health problems to allow us to treat your pet accurately and quickly.

Surgery Suite

Our doctors perform emergency surgeries as well as routine and orthopedic repairs in our surgical suite. We offer safe, current anesthesia with constant patient monitoring by our trained technicians and a sterile surgical field to provide the best surgical outcome for all of our patients. Dr. Stanhope has had additional training in orthopedic repairs and is successfully performing fracture repairs and knee and hip surgeries.

Boarding Facilities


We also provide dog boarding, cat boarding, and boarding of exotic pets. We have a general ward with small and medium kennels for small quiet dogs and cats. Birds and reptiles are kept in a separate ward that is warmed for their specific needs. Two wards in the back have runs for larger dogs. All dogs are walked outside four times a day and fed according to their home schedule. Cats have their litter box check and cleaned if needed four times daily and fed according to their home schedule. We encourage owners to bring their pet's usual diet to prevent any intestinal upset from a change in diet. If a diet is not brought, we feed Hills Science Diet adult dog/cat food. And because we are a 24-hour hospital we are able to continue to administer any medications your pet may have been taking and monitor them for any health problems.

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Payment Options

St. Francis 24 Hr. Animal Hospital is completely funded by the fees you pay. We are always happy to provide a detailed estimate before undertaking any treatment...

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Referral Services

St. Francis Animal Hospital can work with your primary veterinarian to provide after hours and emergency care for your sick or injured pet in Clark County and..

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