Stress-Less Tips for Visiting the Veterinarian

Veterinarian tips for your dog

Your home is your pet’s home, safe place, and center of the world, really. So any time you pack up a pet and head out to visit the veterinarian, you’re inviting a little chaos into your pet’s life.

Your veterinarian understands this, and you probably do too. So how can you help your pet feel less stress about the vet visit? Below, some common sense basics and other lesser-known tips that will make that veterinarian appointment on the calendar a more positive experience for everyone.

Visiting the Veterinarian:

  • For emergency visits, practice positive thinking and using a calm voice. This will help both you and your pet arrive safely and ready to receive the best care.
  • For planned visits, consider withholding food for several hours before the appointment. This will make your pet more interested in responding to edible treats offered by the vet staff, therefore making your pet likely to see the veterinarian and techs like great people!
  • DRIVE SAFELY. Your eyes and focus on the road is critical – on the way to the veterinarian’s office, and all the time.
  • Try to arrive on-time or better yet, a few minutes early to smooth the check-in process. Also, your hurried feelings will be noted by your pet. And that’s a signal something’s wrong!
  • Want to use your cell phone in the waiting room? Don’t, unless it’s an emergency. You need to be focused on your pet and pay attention. Slip it in your pocket if you really must have it handy.
  • Ask questions, and make sure you understand the answers. If you need notes, diagrams, or other information to take home for reference (or for other family members or caregivers) please ask! Our goal is your pet’s health and full recovery, and we’ll do everything we can to help you follow the best course of medical treatment once you’re home.
  • Go for a ride sometimes, just because. Obviously, if the only time your pet gets in the car is to go see a veterinarian, the car is like a ticket to a stressful day. If the car sometimes stops at a park, or a friend’s house, then your next trip to the vet will be “just another place we go.”

Why Bother?

Obviously, sometimes we can’t avoid our pets visiting the veterinarian office – whether for emergencies, minor ailments, or routine visits. Some people may think, “We have to go, it’s going to be a pain, but we’ll get over it.” What’s wrong with that philosophy?

Quite simply, consumers of health care who are calmer receive better care. This is not because a vet staff is unwilling to treat patients in distress – quite the opposite! The fact is, the more calm and receptive to information a patient (and its family) is, the better the information and education will be received, and therefore, acted upon. In other words, RELAX as much as possible on your next vet visit – it will ensure you’re on your way to better health.

If you have questions or specific concerns about an upcoming visit to our veterinarian office, please contact us. We’re here to help!