Senior Pet Wellness Plans

Did you know our canine and feline friends age anywhere from 5-7 years for every one of our human years?  Since pets age so much faster than we do, a pet can be considered a “senior citizen” by the time they are 7 years old.

Older pets need special attention to detect and manage the conditions that develop with age.  Dental problems, arthritis, obesity, diesease of the internal organs, cancer, vision and hearing loss all become more prevalent with age.  Many of these problems are quite treatable or at least controllable if detected early.

At St. Francis 24 Hr Animal Hospital we recommend wellness testing for all pets over the age of seven.  You can help make your pet’s golden years happy and healthy through early detection and treatment of problems associated with advancing age.

Below are the tests we recommend for our Senior Wellness Evaluation:


Complete Physical Examination

Complete Blood Count:  evaluation of white and red blood cells, platelets, and bone marrow function for anemia, infection, inflammation, and leukemia.

Blood Chemistry:  checks for function of liver, kidney, pancreas, thyroid, and electrolytes and more.

Blood Pressure:  high blood pressure may lead to strokes, eye and kidney disease.

Urine Analysis:  checks kidney function, bladder infections, bladder stones, diabetes.

Radiograph of chest and abdomen:  helps detect heart, lung, and abdominal abnormalities.

ECG:  detects heart rhythm abnormalities

Doctor Consultation:  Review results and make recommendations


Ask our veterinarians about screening your senior pet.