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Pet of the Month

Welcome to our Pet of the Month feature page. Once a month our staff selects a special patient to celebrate and share. Read on to find out about our previous months picks.

January 2015's Pet of the Month

  •   Lellow
  •   DSH
  •   6 years old
  •   This lovely girl need to have her eye removed but that didn't get her down at all! This picture was taken the morning after her surgery and she was purring and affectionate and rolling onto her back to be petted. A really nice girl. Her owner reports her favorite treat is her antibiotics (!) which is great for her and us!

Her owners think she is special becuase even thoug she has had such a hard time she is still loving. Her favorite past time is meeting new people (we could tell!) and rolling around on her back in the laundry room. We think she has a great name too!

December's Pet of the Month

  •   Lilly 2
  •   Yorkshire Terrier
  •   4 months
  •   Isn't she adorable? A bit timid but so,so sweet. Lilly 2 came to stay with us in December and stole our hearts. Dr. Baker especially was taken by this little girl. Her owner's think she is special because she survived a big fall for such a little girl! Thankfully she is doing very well now.

Lilly 2's favorite treat is peanut butter and her special talents include bugging her mom.

October 2014's Pet of the Month

  •   Luna
  •   Lab mix
  •   10 yrs
  •   Luna's favorite treats are Love,Apples, and Carrots, in that order! Her favorite past time is running on the beach. Her owner thinks she is special because she loves to love. She will roll over for belly rubs (like in her picture) and she gives the best Paw Fives ever!

Luna's special talents include howling at full moons. She can roll ver, and ride a longboard (for a few minutes at least). Her sweet eyes will melt your heart.

September 2014's Pet of the Month

  •   Abby
  •   Domestic Short Hair
  •   10 years young
  •   Dr. Baker recommended Abby for pet of the month. She boarded with us recently and was a very talkative girl. She always had something to say when you walked by and wanted a quick pet or even better, to roam the cat ward and sit in the windowsill.

Her owner's say she is special because she loves her family. Her favorite past time is running through wrapping paper and boxes (she loves the holidays) or hanging in the family room with her family. We love you Abby, come back any time!

August 2014's Pet of the Month

  •   Keeper
  •   DSH
  •   3 months old
  •   We couldn't resist! Dr. Baker's new kitten is so cute! He was recently adopted from Furry Friends in Vancouver WA. He is the perfect cat for the Baker family. He has a lot of self confidence and is very social. His favorite toy right now is a crumpled up piece of paper. He chases it all over the house and carries it back like a prize.

Keeper also loves his food bowl. Throughout the day he runs to check on his food bowl and have a few pieces before resuming his play.

February 2014's Pet of the Month

  •   Captain
  •   Labradoodle
  •   5 yrs young
  •   Captain is such a wonderful boy! He was here in January for knee surgery and he captured everyone's heart. This picture was taken after his procedure. He has since been back for his recheck and is doing very well. His owners say he is special because he has had two knee surgeries and seizures, but he is still the most active fun loving dog ever! He loves life and is a great cuddle bug. His favorite past time is playing ball and wrestling with his bulldog brother, Bubba.

Captain's favorite treats are Anything! He loves all kinds of treats, from ice cubes to carrots. His special talents include rolling over, shaking both paws, being the master at hide and seek, and being the best furry couch pillow ever!

January 2014's Pet of the Month

  •   Spooky
  •   Domestic Short Hair
  •   5 months
  •   Spooky was in recently for her spay surgery and everyone was taken with her outgoing personality and affectionate nature. Her owner's agree! Her owner says Spooky's special talents include giving kitty kisses and snuggling. She also likes to play chase. Her favorite past time is chasing her pink toy mouse.

Spooky's favorite treats are fishy kitty treats. Her owner's think she is so special because she is fluffy and gives lots of snuggles. What a lovely kitten!

December 2013's Pet of the Month

  •   Calysto
  •   DSH
  •   10 months
  •   Say hello to our new hospital cat! He is a big, handsome boy and a lover of everyone. He is curious and active and is very entertaining for our staff.

Calysto's talent is finding a new place to nap so we have to search for him when it is time to put him back in his room. He is fearless and loves to sidle up to the dogs that are in the treatment area, rubbing against them and then flopping to the floor at their feet. He is a very funny cat and we are so glad to have him in our lives.

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