Pet Microchipping

A microchip creates a forever bond between you and the pet you love.  The size of a grain of rice, the microchip is injected under your pet’s skin.  On dogs and cats a pet microchip is placed between the shoulder blades.  Each Pet Microchipping piece contains a unique number.  When scanned by a microchip reader, this number can be traced back to you if your pet should ever become lost.

It is a fact that 1 in 3 pets goes missing in its lifetime, without proper identification 90% never return home.  Pet microchipping gives the best protection, with permanent identification that can never by removed or difficult to read.

At St. Francis 24 Hr Animal Hospital, we celebrate the bond between humans and their pets.  This is why we recommend a microchip for all pets.  It takes just seconds at the veterinary hospital to implant the microchip, and then your pet has a permanent ID that will last its lifetime.  Registering your pet’s microchip number in the national database will help to ensure your pet will be returned to you if they should ever become lost.

Call us today about microchipping your pet.