Orchards Vet in Vancouver WA

Orchards Vet in Vancouver WA

If you live in the Vancouver area and you’re looking for an Orchards Vet, St. Francis 24 Hour Animal Hospital is available at any hour of any day to tend to your pets needs. If you need an emergency vet, call us at (360) 253-5446. We always have an on-site veterinarian ready to assist you with any issues that may arise.

We are a Complete Orchards Vet in Vancouver WA:

  • Emergency Veterinarian Services
  • Annual Exams and Vaccinations
  • Prescription Pet Diets
  • Spays and Neuters
  • Pain Management
  • Professional Grooming
  • Dentistry
  • In-House Blood Work
  • X-rays and Ultrasound
  • Boarding for Pets

In addition to these services, we also provide 24 hour nursing care for sick and injured pets. We have an ICU ward that is visible from our central treatment room so we can always monitor your pet closely. We have automated fluid pumps for pets that need the correct amount of fluid delivered to them. We also have an oxygen chamber for pets with advanced respiratory issues. And we always have an on staff veterinarian in case your pet needs any treatment quickly in case there is a change in their condition.

Our animal hospital has an on-site X-ray machine to determine if your pet has any internal problems, broken bones, or intestinal blockage. Additionally, we have an ultrasound machine as well as an endoscope, to diagnose any issues with major organs and other soft tissue diseases, as well as respiratory and intestinal tract problems. Our in-house lab allows us to quickly diagnose your pet, since we can do all of the blood work right at the facility, which could be crucial to your pet in an emergency.

We also have a surgery suite, where we can perform any critical care operations as well as routine and orthopedic repairs. And we provide boarding for dogs, cats, and exotic pets as well. Our general ward has smaller and medium sized kennels for small, quiet dogs and cats. Our larger ward has runs for larger dogs. Birds and reptiles are kept in a separate ward and warmed according to their needs. We walk our guest dogs outside four times a day, and all of our guest pets are fed according to their home schedules. While we encourage owners to bring their pets’ usual diets from home, we use Hills Science Diet in case an owner can’t provide it. And since we are a 24 hour animal hospital, we will continue to administer any medications your pet may require, as well as monitor them for any health issues.

If you need an orchards vet in Vancouver WA, we are an all inclusive veterinary hospital. Give our friendly and knowledgeable staff a call  when you need any sort of pet services, or 24 hour vet care.




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