Make Preparations to Take Your Cat to an Emergency Vet Before You Need to Go


Although in an ideal situation, you would not have to worry about taking your cat to an emergency vet, you should still be prepared for this kind of situation to ensure your cat sees a vet as soon as possible. One of the necessities is finding a place to take your cat, and a 24-hour animal hospital is your best option. Following some of the preparation tips below will ensure that you are ready for any cat-related emergency.

Get a Carrier that Opens from the Top

While you will find plenty of carriers that open from the front, you should not underestimate the importance of getting a carrier that opens from the top as well. If your cat is severely injured, you will find it much easier to gently place them into the carrier when you are able to put them inside from the top opening.

Put a Blanket Inside with Their Scent

If you have an excess of blankets in your home, you should take the time to put one inside the carrier beforehand. It should still have their scent on the blanket as it will help them feel comfortable throughout the trip.

Get Them Used to Driving

When your cat does not enjoy going for drives, you should invest time into to getting them comfortable with driving. It might take a few trips to finally get them used to being in a carrier and in a moving vehicle, but devoting time and effort to this process will pay off if you need to take them to an emergency vet at any time.

Have Cat Treats Set Aside

While it really depends on your cat’s condition in an emergency, you should set aside some cat treats to give to your cat throughout the experience. It is quite possible that they may not be interested in eating them, but if they are willing, you can help them stay calm by rewarding them with treats on the drive.

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