Introducing Your Cat to a New One


So, you already have one cat at home, but you’ve been thinking about bringing another one home. However, you’re worried about how your existing car will react to a new family member. Before you bring the new cat home, there are some veterinarian-recommended tips that you’ll want to keep in mind to make introducing your cat go as smoothly as possible.

Introduce Them Through a Barrier

Rather than throwing the cats in the same room together and hoping they’ll get along, consider introducing them through a barrier at first, such as a kitty gate with one cat on each side. This will allow the cats to approach the gate and become familiar with one another’s scent, without the risk of getting into a fight. If you don’t have a kitty gate, you might even consider keeping the new cat in its carrier for a few minutes once you bring it home, allowing your existing cat to investigate for itself.

Take it Slow and Don’t Force Anything

Understand that your cats probably aren’t going to become instant buddies. Your existing cat is used to having the house to itself, so it will take some time to adjust to the idea of sharing the space (and attention) with another feline. The worst thing you can do is to force the cats to be together in one room or push them too hard to be around each other; let them come around to one another naturally and you’ll have much better results.

Let Them Have Separate Spaces

Finally, be prepared to provide each of your cats with separate spaces. This includes spaces where each of them can be on their own if they so desire, in addition to a separate litter box, food bowl, and water dish. Many cats have no problem sharing a litter box or food/water with one another, but this isn’t always the case, so it’s best to be prepared.

Looking for more tips on ensuring a healthy and happy life for both of your cats? Need to schedule a wellness exam for your new kitty? Whatever your needs may be, feel free to contact us today!