Heartworm Prevention Recommendations

Heartworm Prevention is a very important problem for dogs, but one that can be prevented if the right steps are taken. At St. Francis 24 Hr. Animal Hospital, we recommend year-round protection for heartworms with Heartgard Plus for dogs.  Not only does this once-a-month medication protect your pet from heartworms, a very serious infection, it also prevents roundworms and hookworms, the common intestinal parasites in dogs.

These are the Heartworm Prevention recommendations from the American Heartworm Society:

  • All puppies should be started on Heartgard Plus at 8 weeks of age.
  • Puppies started on Heartgard after 8 weeks of age should have a blood test 6  months after the initial dose to confirm they are heartworm negative, then tested annually thereafter.
  • Dogs 7 months of age or older should have  a blood test before starting on Heartgard, then tested annually thereafter.
  • Dogs should remain on Heartgard year-round.