Reasons You May Need an Emergency Vet in Vancouver WA

Emergency Vet care

We never know when accidents might happen. Whether it’s a household hazard, or running out into the street, our pets sometimes have unfortunate mishaps. So, in order to deal with these issues when they occur, it’s very important to have a veterinarian that you can call right away. St. Francis 24 Hour Animal Hospital is the leading Emergency Vet in Vancouver WA. We’re available at anytime, on any day, in case you need us. Since we know accidents happen unexpectedly, we recommend having the number readily handy on speed dial in your phone, just in case.

Other Reasons you might need an Emergency Vet in Vancouver WA:

  • If your pet suffers a fall, or some type of collision, even if it appears that it didn’t suffer any injuries. It’s possible that your animal could have internal injuries, which could be fatal if not treated immediately.
  • If your pet has eaten something that is toxic or poisonous. Try to bring a specimen with you, for easier diagnosis and treatment answers.
  • Repeated vomiting, or difficulty with urinary or bowel discharge. It’s important to contact a veterinarian, as there may be many reasons for vomiting, and some type of blockage may be causing difficulty with your pets’ discharge.
  • If your animal has a distended belly, or bloating, see a vet immediately. This could be caused by some form of a gastric issue, which could be fatal if left untreated.
  • Disorientation or lethargy can also be signs of an issue that requires immediate attention

Any sort of bleeding that can’t be stopped should also be addressed promptly.

Hopefully, we never have to see you for any of these reasons. However, accidents and ailments happen. When they do, be assured that someone will be available at all hours of any day. If you ever need an immediate Emergency Vet in Vancouver WA, contact us right away!