Ask Your Veterinarian About Compounding Pharmacy Options

Compounding Pharmacy Options

Have you thought about asking your veterinarian about compounding pharmacy options? These feature modern medical combinations to provide your animals with one of a kind, correct medical treatment. Focus on your pet’s nutritional needs while integrating them with medical compounding to make their medication more appealing.

Catering to Canines and Felines

You shouldn’t have to wrap your dog’s pills in bacon to get them to eat them. Dog medication often comes with fillers and additives that, to a sensitive canine pallet, tastes like dirt. People have compounded medication since the first pharmacy. Towards the end of the 1980’s, the market turned to advocating for specific pharmaceuticals. There is no such thing as a one size fits all pills for animals. Some canine breeds have extremely sensitive stomachs or smaller throats that are not capable of swallowing or digesting pills regular pharmacies make. At our apothecary shop, we can take human dosages and make them into a topical ointment, making a safer and more effective medication.

Cats are notoriously hard to medicate.  If you have ever tried, you might have been scratched, or bitten, or injured your cat in the process. Unfortunately, the bacon trick is not as effective with cats. Additionally, cats have tiny throats, which can cause the medicine to go down their windpipe instead of their stomach. Instead of offering pills, like most pharmacies, ask your vet to grind the medication into a powder that is easily mixed into milk or tuna juice, making it easier on both of you.

Birds are Easily Treated

“Polly want a cracker,” is more like “Polly want a finger” when you are trying to give your bird a medication. Although some vets recommend trying to give birds their medication in their water, this can reduce your control over the dosage. Most medications will change the taste of the water, which creates a disincentive to drinking it. As a result, your bird doesn’t get their medication and you waste money and time.  Instead, offer them a natural version with the same ingredients in it.

Let us Care for Your Furry Family

Our staff understands that your beloved pets are an important part of your family and need as much care as the human members. We are efficient, quick and offer same day delivery to treat your pet as quickly as possible. We also offer nutritional advisement to make sure your pet is leading a longer, healthier life. Take away your stress and your pets’ stress of having to take a medication or supplement by contacting us today.