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the 24 Hour Animal Hospital

Saturday, November 15th, 2014

MooseSt Francis is a 24 hour animal hospital located in Vancouver WA. We have a veterinarian on site at all times, every single day, including holidays.¬†Our facilities include vet supervised boarding, professional grooming and an in-house laboratory for blood work, ultrasound and x-rays. We have everything you would want or need from a vet hospital, and we’re always available when you need us.


24 Hour Animal Hospital Services

On top of emergency veterinary services, we also offer ongoing services for your pets, like vaccinations, annual exams, neutering, and dietary prescription. We can also handle pet dentistry here as well.

We additionally take care of several other types of pets that other vet clinics are not setup to handle. In addition to cats and dogs, we’ve handled ferrets, possums, squirrels, and lots of birds.

Call us today at (360) 253-5446 to set up an appointment with one of our caring, friendly staff!

animal hospital friendly staff

St Francis, The Orchards Vet

Saturday, November 1st, 2014

DSCF0858The St Francis 24 Hour Animal Hospital, located in Vancouver Washington in the Orchards area, offers 24 hour vet care for your small animals and other pets. In addition to handling annual tasks like checkups, vaccinations and dietary consults, we can help with micro chipping, prescription medicine, pain management neutering and more.

Our facilities include on-site pet boarding, professional grooming, and dentistry. Our in-house lab can handle blood tests, x-rays and ultrasounds for quicker results.

We are located in the Vancouver Orchards at:
12010 NE 65th Street
Vancouver, WA 98682

We’re right across the street from the post office and you’re welcome to come by any time, as we’re open all day and all night. We have a veterinarian on duty all hours of the day so we’re ready when you need us.

Call us today at (360) 253-5446 to set up an appointment with your Orchards Vet today!

Close-up portrait of a labrador dog a with a sick face