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Pet Boarding Information

Tuesday, March 19th, 2013

We provide dog boarding, cat boarding, and other exotic pet boarding facilities.  We have a general ward with small and medium kennels for small, quiet dogs and cats.  Birds and reptiles are kept in a separate ward that is warmed for their specific needs.  Two wards in the back have runs for larger dogs.  All dogs are walked outside four times a day and fed according to their home schedule.  Cats have their litter box check and cleaned if needed four times daily and fed according to their home schedule.  We encourage owners to bring their pet’s usual diet to prevent any intestinal upset from a change in diet.  If a diet is not brought, we feed Hills Science Diet adult dog/cat food.  And because we are a 24-hour animal hospital we are able to continue to administer any medications your pet may have been taking and monitor them for any health problems.

Here’s a look at some of our Pet Boarding facilities, located at St. Francis 24 Hour Animal Hospital, in Vancouver WA

Our dog boarding room



Our small (quiet) dog and cat boarding room


A contented cat boarder






A boarder enjoying a chew treat from home.







Our dog runs are 3 ft x 5 ft




Boarding dogs are walked at least four times a day